Connect3D Radeon 9700 Pro in the test: performance leap at high resolutions

Connect3D Radeon 9700 Pro in the test: performance leap at high resolutions

Table of contents
  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 The card
  3. Scope of delivery
  4. 3 Drivers
  5. 4 Specs and technology
    1. 5 FSAA and AF
  6. 6 Benchmarks
  7. Test system
  8. 7 Synthetic tests
    1. 3DMark2001 SE
    2. 8 3DMark Detail
    3. 9 Villagemark D3D
    4. 10 Villagemark Detail
    5. 11 TempleMark D3D
    6. TempleMark D3D detail
    7. 12 Codecreatures Bench
    8. 13 Codecreatures Detail
    9. 14 Aquamark D3D
    10. 15 Aquamark D3D detail
  9. 16 Game benchmarks
    1. Ultima IX D3D
    2. 17 Ultim a IX D3D Detail
    3. 18 Comanche4 D3D
    4. 19 Comanche4 D3D Detail
    5. 20 Dungeon Siege
    6. 21 Dungeon Siege Detail
    7. 22 Aquanox
    8. 23 Aquanox in detail
    9. 24 Jedi Knight II
    10. 25 Jedi Knight II Detail
    11. 26 Max Payne
    12. 27 Max Payne detail
    13. 28 Serious Sam SE D3D
    14. 29 SeSam SE D3D Detail
    15. 30 Serious Sam SE OGL
    16. 31 SeSam SE OGL Detail
    17. 32 UT2003 Demo FlyBy
    18. UT2003 Demo Botmatch
    19. 33 UT2003 FlyBy Detail
    20. UT2003 Botmatch Detail
    21. 34 Alice
    22. 35 Alice Detail
  10. 36 Conclusion

Codecreatures Bench

A quite new benchmark from the Forge of the Codecult company, on whose licensing engine the benchmark is based. DirectX8 pixel and vertex shaders are supported and otherwise this benchmark demands every system to the utmost, as can be clearly seen from the values ​​achieved. In some cases over 700,000 polygons per frame are displayed and at 30fps an average of around 10 million polygons are chased through the TnL unit of the graphics card.

Codecreatures Bench -default
  • 1024x768x32:
    • R9700pro (default)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (default)
  • 1280x1024x32:
    • R9700pro (default)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (default)
  • 1600x1200x32:
    • R9700pro (default)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (default)

Here you can see the sheer polygons and pixels power of the Radeon9700pro let off steam for the first time. The fact that even higher values ​​are not achieved here is probably due to a lack of optimization, since the benchmark was presented at the launch of the GeForce4 and was probably optimized mainly for this. Nonetheless, the Connect3D-Radeon conjures up the detailed grass landscapes swaying in the virtual wind and the clear waters of the pixel shader mountain lakes on the screen like never before and with the frame rates achieved here, you can still do it without FSAA and AFbenefit significantly from more raw performance.

Codecreatures Bench -Quality
  • 1024x768x32:
    • R9700pro (2xAA/4xAF)
    • R9700pro (4xAA/8xAF)
    • R9700pro (6xAA/16xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (2xAA/4xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xAA/8xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xS- AA/8xAF)
  • 1280x1024x32:
    • R9700pro (2xAA/4xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (2xAA/4xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xAA/8xAF)
    • R9700pro(4xAA/8xAF)
      Image errors
    • R9700pro (6xAA/16xAF)
      Image errors
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xS-AA/8xAF)
  • 1600x1200x32:
    • R9700pro (2xAA/4xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (2xAA/4xAF)
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xAA/8xAF)
    • R9700pro (4xAA/8xAF)
      Image errors
    • GF4 Ti4600 (4xS-AA/8xAF)
    • R9700pro (6xAA/16xAF)
      Switches back to 2xFSAA

With Simultaneously activated FSAA and AF forces codecreatureseven the Radeon9700 mercilessly bend its knees, even if the 1024 resolution can still be viewed fairly smoothly. We don't even want to talk about the GeForce4 here, because it already struggles enough with this test in the standard setting. As far as the criticized image errors are concerned, there is no reason for permanent concern, because with the DirectX9-BETA drivers these belong to the past at the latest and the performance in 1280 with 4xFSAA (and therefore also with activated AF) increases a little .

This benchmark may serve as an illustration for all those who expect to be able to play games in full detail with one of the two cards, the DirectX 8 (and similar functions under OpenGL) to a larger extent, such as the long-awaited Doom3, which will hopefully see the light of the store shelves next summer. You will probably have to do without FSAA and AF with these cards in order to be able to enjoy a smooth gaming experience in higher resolutions.

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