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You have found on IRC-Net for half an eternity, now we have also gained a foothold in Quakenet, the IRC network for gamers, and hope to be able to put down deep roots. To join you only need a chat client and the channel data.

The client mIRC is certainly best suited for beginners. In order to be able to join the 'chat room', the following data must be entered before connecting.

  • Channel: #computerbase
  • IRC Server: org
  • Ports: 6666, 6667, 6668

Wouldn't it be laughable if the players and idlers among the ComputerBase readers didn't have another contact point next to the forum for heated discussions, small and large hardware problems or nice conversations outside the four computer walls. And you will surely meet someone from our team there from time to time. Understandably, however, we cannot provide support around the clock, as we also have a number of other activities in addition to CB. See you in Quakenet!