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Since yesterday you can find a few reviews of nVidia's upcoming masterpiece, the GeForce FX, here and there. We have also taken a closer look at this 'GeForce FX' and gathered our first impressions. Here is our report.

At first glance it is noticeable that nVidia has abandoned the old nomenclature. If, after the Riva TNT, consecutive numbering was chosen in the names, we have only found a cryptic combination of two digits at this point: FX. Compared to the GeForce 4, not only one number was increased, but a complete component was replaced by two new ones, which indicates a thorough revision. However, the basic structure apparently remained without modification. The 'GeForce' is still involved, although its share has shrunk from 87.5% for the GeForce 4 to 77.7% for the GeForce FX. Contrary to first reports, the GeForce FX's performance seems to have suffered as a result. Even the experienced tester carefully stumbles over the abbreviation FX - 'Four' could be brought much softer over the tongue.

Our conclusion: The GeForce FX is a breath of fresh air, but does not turn out to be a milestone .

But enough of the humorous interludes. The impetus for this news item was a review of the GeForce FX, which made the rounds on the German network today. After a small site had already started advertising in countless forums for an exclusive test on January 4th of this year days ago, a report was actually online since yesterday. A little over 1000 words described in a hair-raising manner a fictional scope of delivery of a Gainward model, supported by pictures of an original nVidia GeForce FX, as it was presented for the presentation, which were stolen from larger sites. And even the benchmark results should have made any reasonably experienced editor work on theTo doubt the credibility of this review. Especially since the said page had previously attracted attention due to the illegal copy of the CB design and a more than questionable competition for an astronomically expensive computer.

That this review was to be found in the news on several large American hardware sites, as a certain Mr. 'hackerPlayer', the initiator of the FX Review-Page, who had selflessly pointed this out to the editors, is forgiven. Even if the pictures alone should have aroused skepticism. However, the fact that, among other things, a German-language online magazine with four letters was carried away to the following statement, makes us doubt the seriousness of some online and print media.

The first two preliminary tests are highly contradictory; However, the German-language results seem more objective.

One can only hope that such actions will not bear fruit in the future and that in the end the addiction to visitor numbers will not sprout the invented reviews like mushrooms. We advise all colleagues who fell for the joke to put a minute's thought ahead of the quick news report the next time. Otherwise the shot could backfire ...