ComputerBase wishes you a Merry Christmas

ComputerBase wishes you a Merry Christmas

Now it's almost that time again. The year 2001 is drawing to a close, the Christ Child is outside the door. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas Eve and a peaceful Christmas holiday.

But let's take the opportunity right away To pack, we also want to get rid of a few thanks. Our thanks go first and foremost to the many readers of this page. Because in the end it is you who made ComputerBase what it is now. What emerged from an idea of ​​a single person now motivates almost twenty employees every day. And your feedback always drives us to do new things! Furthermore, thanks go to the hard-working posters on , especially the moderators, who devote a large part of their free time to the administration of the individual subject areas! The feedback there also shows that we are on the right track. And finally we want to thank the many companies that stood by us this year with advice and action and test products.

Well then. Enough of the words. Enjoy the days, think about your figure and stay true to us.

Your team