ComputerBase SetiTeam reaches 100 members

ComputerBase SetiTeam reaches 100 members

After a good 4 months, our Seti team now has 100 members who take part in the search for extraterrestrial life. In the beginning it didn't look like our team could grow any further. We were hesitant to find new members.

That changed suddenly when there was a forum on ForumBase especially for that S @ h ComputerBase Team started. From now on we were able to welcome at least one new member almost every day. Not least because of the tireless help of our members, who stood by everyone who needs help at Seti immediately, sometimes within minutes.

Immediately a goal was set in mind, which we promptly in front of a few Days reached: the 20,000 WU mark. Now we have set a new goal. First the 50,000 WU limit, then a slightly more ambitious goal of getting into the top 200 registered clubs. Any help is welcome.

So if someone crunches alone, have a look at our ForumBase , crunching in a team is definitely more fun ...