ComputerBase processor charts: An overview of processors from Intel and AMD

ComputerBase processor charts: An overview of processors from Intel and AMD


The range of processors is growing steadily and the jungle of tempting offers is getting bigger and bigger greater. As a customer, you are ultimately spoiled for choice as to which computer really offers the best performance at the given price. However, a fast processor alone is not everything. This is particularly noticeable when other brake pads, such as a very slow graphics card, are thrown in its way. But especially when the processor was neglected in the last hardware updates, upgrading can mean significantly more performance when working or playing. In order to help you choose the right processor, we have extracted the quintessential processor charts from our numerous processor tests, which are incorporated into this overview in the form of performance, price and price-performance ratings. One look is enough to identify the 'right processor'.


All the computing servants that are clearly listed in the processor charts were detailed in the processor reviews of the past and Illuminated down to the smallest detail. For all those who are interested in the individual test results from which the ratings were ultimately calculated, the links are listed again here.

Anyone who is also interested in the processor history of AMD and Intel will read the articles “ Intel's Processor History - The Path from Intel 4004 to Pentium 4 'and' AMD Processor History - An overview from the K5 to the Athlon XP 'have their real pleasure.

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