ComputerBase News on your desktop & IRC update

ComputerBase News on your desktop & IRC update

If you want to be kept informed about news on ComputerBase, you can now do this conveniently on your desktop. To do this, you need a program that can parse RDF files, such as KlipFolio or Trillian Pro with news plug-in.

KDE users receive a corresponding tool with the KNewsticker as standard. The free KlipFolio is ideal for Windows. After you have installed this, you download the ComputerBase Klip and the current news is displayed as a note on the desktop.

Trillian Pro users can view the news directly in Trillian. To do this, you have to install the news plug-in and enter the following data after clicking the 'Add Custom Feed' button, whereby the title can be changed as required:

Title: ComputerBase Server: Location : rdf/computerbase.php

The 10 current ComputerBase news should then be displayed above the contact list. Trillian 0.74 unfortunately does not come with this feature, so you can access the above KlipFolio.

Other programs of this type such as the KNewsticker can be configured just as easily if you use the URL of the ComputerBase RDF- Feed knows!

Change of subject: After a while, we took our IRC page to our chest and revised it a lot. Illustrated you will now learn even more plausibly how you can visit us and almost 130 other chatters on QuakeNet.

KlipFolio, including with ComputerBase News