Computerbase at CeBIT, day 1

Computerbase at CeBIT, day 1

After my visit to CeBIT yesterday had to be canceled due to a sudden cold, I was still able to go about my work today with slight complaints and visit some stands and press conferences and take some pictures.

The first appointment was for me the Logitech press conference with the President and CEO of Logitech, Guerrino De Luca. There the products that had already been announced ( we reported ) were presented again, this time with pictures that I don't want to withhold from you. These are images 1 to 6, which are photographed directly from the presentation. De Luca also announced the collaboration with the Swedish company Anoto, with which 'Pen + Paper 2.0' should be made possible. 'Pen + Paper 2.0' is supposed to simply represent the evolution of paper and pen, by continuing to write on paper with a pen, but transferring this data to a PC without any problems. 'New' paper is also required for this, and the five largest paper manufacturers, including 3M, have already given their approval. Logitech wants to present its digital pen at the end of the year.

The next port of call was the Asus booth in Hall 20, where I was expected for an interview. I was presented with a GeForce4 Ti4600 graphics card, which should go on sale in April. This version also has hardware monitoring and has 128 MB DDR RAM from Samsung with 2.8 ns. The pictures from number 7 to number 14 show details of the Asus V8460 Ultra Deluxe, the golden dots on the back are striking. Asus gilds all soldering points before assembling the components, among other things for the purpose of better conductivity. The V8460 Ultra Deluxe is delivered with the Asus 3D glasses, but will also cost around 600 €, the exact prices were not given to me.

The last date was the VIA press conference. There wereofficially the VIA P4X333 mainboard chipset presented, plus the VIA Mobile C3 processor, which works with passive cooling. The speakers, including the President and CEO of VIA, Wenchi Chen, also discussed the 'Eden' platform and two new controller chips for Ethernet and DVD-Roms. Unfortunately, this press conference was held mainly by the Taiwanese members of VIA who unfortunately had some problems at least with the pronunciation of English. I am therefore referring to the English documents that were handed out.