Compucase CI-6919 in the test: A new midi tower for the upper class

Compucase CI-6919 in the test: A new midi tower for the upper class


The lower housing cover can be completely removed, so that you can easily get to the LEDs underneath, which are built in 5mm standard design in plug-in brackets. The lower panel itself can only be changed to a limited extent due to the integrated filter. The upper one cannot be removed because of the non-removable right side wall. This means that the housing can only be changed with the help of massive tools. However, if you want to install water cooling, you should find enough space in the case. Due to the three existing blowholes, there are also enough possibilities for the air flow fanatic - especially through the 12cm blowhole on the back. This also plays a major role in connection with the use of insulation mats, as 120mm fans are virtually inaudible, but still ensure a good air flow.

Front panel removed
80mm fan holder


With the CI-6919, the manufacturer has made a big hit - the case actually leaves nothing to be desired. The clean workmanship, the stable structure and the many well thought-out little things such as the port kit and the air filter, as well as, last but not least, the attractive price raise the CI-6919 to the top. It's just a shame that the Firewire port for the port kit has to be bought additionally. Some of the case is certainly a matter of taste, such as thatyou need an extra padlock to lock it. However, this only plays a role if the computer is to be secured against unauthorized persons. LAN users will complain about the high weight, but they can make an impression with the 12cm fan. The snap-in holders for the fans do not seem quite as stable as on the CS-601, but they do their job to the full. Due to the better equipment of the CI-6919, the CS-601 has to be content with second place from now on, because the two cases differ only marginally in quality, workmanship and functionality. Both enclosures are available from Low-Noise , our Forum is available for questions as usual.


Compucase CI-6919
  • Very stable
  • Removable drive cages
  • 120mm blowhole
  • 3 snap-in fan holders
  • Portkit
  • Weight

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