Competition wants to take action against telecommunications contracts

Competition wants to take action against telecommunications contracts

With looking at the long-term contracts with which Deutsche Telekom seeks to bind customers to itself, the competition association VATM is planning to call the state regulation. This should happen within the next few days.

The VATM, which includes HanseNet (Alice) and Arcor, is primarily concerned with the “Call & Surf” tariff, which Telekom uses binds its own customers for up to 24 months. Since this circumstance makes it impossible to switch to the competition for the corresponding period of time, it is obvious that these contractual practices are a thorn in the side of the Telekom competition.

In this respect, it is not surprising that the VATM of Telekom accuses her of “downright tricking” her customers, as far too little attention is drawn to the fact that the customer is bound to the group for a long time. Against this background, the VATM hopes, by calling on the Federal Network Agency, that the latter will provide 'a remedy' as soon as possible.

At Telekom, meanwhile, people wash their hands in innocence. Contractual relationships of this kind are also common practice among Telekom competitors. 'There is no reason why Telekom should not be allowed to do this,' commented a corporate spokesman on the intention of the competition to lodge a complaint with the regulator.

But the Federal Network Agency will not only deal with the contractual situation in the near future Have to deal with the future. The VATM is also planning to file a complaint against Telekom, which concerns the ex-monopolist's policy of switching over connections. More than ten thousand customers were currently waiting to switch from Telekom. According to the VATM, the situation here is more precarious than at the time of the great strike .