Competition: last call

Competition: last call

Gone are the days when the orange for St. Nicholas could satisfy the needs that were still spared from consumption - today it can be a little more. Together with Creative we are raffling off a few old friends from the last few months on December 6, 2002.

In order to make space for next year's products, Creative Labs Germany cleaned out some of them Interesting products made available for charity raffles. Waiting for a new owner:

  • Creative Personal Cinema - In addition to the GeForce2 MX400, the bundle includes an external TV/AV module that enables TV reception, digital video recording and editing. Video and audio in and out as well as connections for cable or satellite ensure the right connection pleasure. The package is rounded off by the addition of all necessary cables and the necessary software.
  • SoundWorks SW320 - two Stalliten (4.5 watts sinus each) and a wooden subwoofer (12 watts sinus) ensure a good 'rum' on the PC with 250Watt PMPO.
  • SoundWorks FPS1600 - With four satellites (6 watts sinus) and a subwoofer of 17 watts, the SoundWorks FPS1600 has a total of 350 watts PMPO for an even more distinctive background noise. Cable lengths of two or four meters shouldn't turn the choice of location into an odyssey, even in larger rooms.
  • Creative Blaster 4 MX460 - Not just the strongest GeForce 4 MX but a kind of rarity. Produced only for a short time by nVidia, the card with its performance slightly above the level of a GeForce 2 Ultra certainly does not help graphics crackers like Doom III to achieve maximum performance. However, the casual gamer should like features such as the relative smoothness and low power consumption.
  • Creative Blaster GeForce 3 Ti200 - Admittedly, it has been around for a few months, but in the end the performance is enough for current games, as long as they carefullyThe programming was still done.

In order to keep the chance of winning reasonably balanced and fair, an account on is required to participate. To participate, an email with the appropriate ForumBase nick is sufficient. The draw will take place on December 6, 2002. at 8:00 p.m. in the forum.

Well then, good luck!

The participation of ComputerBase members and their relatives is excluded.


We'll be receiving emails until tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m., after that it's over. The raffle will then take place in this forum thread from 8 p.m.