Clawhammer already in autumn?

Clawhammer already in autumn?

The confusion should slowly be complete. Citing an anonymous source, our partner site Planet3DNow reports that the mass-produced Clawhammer may see the light of day in six months.

The release is said to have been brought forward by a few months to October. This could be explained by the fact that the Intel competitor, according to its own statements, has never before been able to “persuade” an A0 sample from a processor to boot and even to run stable. It is also reported that the Clawhammer (not the Sledgehammer!) Will be launched at the price of the Athlon XP. The question here is to what extent you want to compare the processors. Will a Clawhammer with the same rate be as expensive as an AMD Athlon or one with the same performance? It is also still completely unclear whether AMD will bring the Barton, another processor based on the K7 architecture, onto the market at all, should the Clawhammer really be released in October. It is very questionable whether there would be demand for a pushed Athlon shortly before the Hammers release. It is possible, however, that AMD will continue to supply the low-cost rail with K7 architecture for the time being.

The statement that the Clawhammer is supposed to be available for purchase in October, but is in clear contradiction to the statements made by AMD at CeBit a few days ago regarding a release at the end of the year. If you add in the recent interview with Jerry Saunders, who spoke of the fulfillment of his hammer dreams in 2003, the possible release period continues to grow. However, it must be noted that this interview, it is speculated, was made a few weeks before its publication, so that AMD in the person of Jerry Saunders may not have been so optimistic about the future at that time andpreferred to make somewhat cautious statements.

Whenever the Clawhammer appears, AMD can only look forward to the lively coverage of the Hammer, as it is the most efficient and also the cheapest advertising medium.