Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!

Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!


This year I have brought the Christmas present a little bit forward, after having only passed something a few months after the party have found the end. But I just couldn't resist the Dell 2407WFP-HC , especially since the price of around 650 euros is an extremely attractive one. A monitor with a TN panel was never an option for me, as an IPS panel was already in use with my old 19-inch TFT and a TN panel would be seen as a big step backwards. As a result, the choice of 22- and 24-inch TFTs was clearly limited. Thanks to the extremely extensive equipment with almost all connections that you can imagine on a monitor, a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and a very good price for these conditions, the choice ultimately fell more or less quickly on the Dell 2407WFP.

Dell 2407WFP-HC

It actually offers everything your heart desires: a really chic design, a narrow frame width ofless than 20 mm and a suitable stand. The height of the monitor can be adjusted by 13 cm so that the pivot function can work. In addition to the obligatory D-Sub and DVI-D inputs with HDCP for the PC connection, the monitor also has connections for S-Video , Composite and Component with. In addition to the video inputs, there are also two of the four USB ports on the rear. There are two more USB ports on the left side of the monitor, and the card reader can also be found there. The two USB ports in particular are used practically every day: be it the iPod, the camera or just a USB stick for some files. Technically, the monitor is of course equipped with the usual high standards. Thanks to the S-PVA panel, high viewing angles of 178 degrees from all directions allow several people to see the same image, the resolution of 1920 x 1200 is exactly the right one for this.

The scope of delivery was complete with all the necessary cables and the five-year Dell service including the “Next Business Day” on-site exchange service was another strong argument for the purchase. Unfortunately, the monitor has been suffering from delivery bottlenecks for some time, so that it could be difficult to get hold of a copy before Christmas. The attractive price of 639 euros ensures, among other things.


After having your own gaming computer for Christmas in recent years, I asked myself whether it shouldn't be something else this time. A dual-core CPU is available, 2 gigabytes of RAM are no longer a mass, but still sufficient and the GeForce 8800 GTX offers enough power reserves to play all current games in high quality smoothly. Ok, admittedly, Crysis is a bit stubborn with the offered graphics and jerks off and onHobby No. 2, the in-house home theater that appeared to be finished only a few months ago, is unfortunately just as difficult to describe as a cost-effective alternative. And yet I will take on this construction site this year.

Because my home theater is not completely finished yet. The 'Denon AVR 2106' multi-channel receiver is fun to listen to, but I'm not really satisfied with the device. A bit more performance wouldn't hurt, HDMI connections are completely missing, the receiver can't handle the new HD audio formats and the feeling that the device doesn't really fit into the rest of the playback chain are enough arguments for something Something new is needed. After all, a home theater is only finished when it sounds finished.

Onkyo TX-SR875

Various considerations later I'm at the Onkyo 'TX-SR875 “ stuck. The device is anything but cheap (and most of it has to be financed by yourself), but quality has its price. With a (theoretical) output power of 200 watts per channel, a built-in decoder for all new HD sound formats, four HDMI inputs and a fine Reon VX video processor from HQV, the Onkyo receiver offers me a lot of value for the money and thus fulfills all my expectations of the new device. The receiver is not exactly an enlightenment in terms of design, but that has never really been important to me - in the dark I look somewhere else anyway. A first test hearing was able to convince me completely to take the Onkyo TX-SR875. The neighbors (and me) will certainly be happy. ;-)

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