Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!

Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!


For three years I have been using a desktop PC with Gentoo Linux and a 15 ' -Thinkpad with Windows XP.One should think that the advantages of both he ideally display systems. However, the only limited possible synchronization of data between the two systems is increasingly proving to be a productivity killer. There are numerous isolated solutions such as Google Browser Sync for Firefox or the use of IMAP instead of POP3 in Thunderbird to alleviate the pain caused. But overall, this togetherness of desktop PC and notebook is more annoying than it is being used. And since I am personally not keen on the latest action shooters anyway or I don't have the time for it in addition to studying and computer base, I will replace both systems with a new notebook. div>

What has not yet been determined with a probability bordering on certainty is which notebook it will be. I am toying with a 15 'MacBook Pro . However, since this will most likely be an update in January when Intel's Penryn processor is introducedChristmas will probably be postponed by a month. After four years of Windows and five years of Linux as the primary operating system, I am excited to give Mac OS X a chance as well. I especially like the backup feature Time Machine . If Mac OS X does not work well in the long run, Windows XP/Vista or Linux could still be installed as a stopgap.

MacBook Pro

The decision for or against a MacBook Pro will only be made during the Macworld middle January fall, so that Christmas - at least as far as the fulfillment of a wish is concerned - will be postponed by a month.


What an honor: The iPhone landed in Germany in time for Christmas and can therefore land high on everyone's Christmas wish list. Unfortunately, with the decision of the Hamburg regional court in favor of T-Mobile and against Vodafone (the real “fire” before the Lord), the last hope died, the “Jesus phone” from Apple without an expensive, 24-month contract (in the cheapest Case 50 euros per month) and a one-time payment of 399 euros. As much as the horrendous fees give you an argument against the iPhone - after all, you leave about 1600 euros with the provider in 24 months - the phone with the Apple factor is convincing. The reasons for buying an iPhone are provided by Apple on its own website.

Apple iPhone

In addition to the official route via T-Mobile, the iPhone can be legally purchased in France without a SIM lock for 649 euros. In view of the offeredFeatures a fair price that is on par with comparable smartphones or PDAs. Otherwise, there are tons of “gray” iPhones on eBay that accept any SIM card. However, these devices are not really cheap. Those who are lucky are those who can have an iPhone brought from the Apple store (credit card required!) From the USA for 399 US dollars - the equivalent of only 275 euros plus 19 euros customs duties at the airport. Too bad that since week 45 all new iPhones have been delivered with firmware 1.1.2 and bootloader 4.6. Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to activate the telephone function in this version. However, these devices can be activated, equipped with your own applications and at least used like an open iPod Touch with microphone, loudspeaker or Bluetooth (and more). Sooner or later (probably with the release of firmware 1.1.3) telephony will also be available. But even without it, you actually have nothing to lose: After all, 294 euros are still less than you would have to put down for an 8 GB iPod Touch in this country. After all, this currently costs 299 euros in the Apple Store, Gravis and the rest of the retail trade.

Next to the iPhone is my Christmas wish/recommendation list mostly filled with vapoware. AVM knows how to impress with its latest FRITZ! Box 7270. The little wonder box integrates VDSL (no longer officially mentioned) and ADSL modems, a 4-port Ethernet hub (unfortunately only 100 Mbit/s), an 802.11a/b/g/n access point, a DECT base station has a USB2.0 connection (for printer or mass storage devices to be shared in the network) and, with the help of the firmware, will sooner or later easily be expanded to include VPN features or an answering machine. The box is great and should originally go on sale in summer 2007. Since November 2007 it has been available to 1 & 1 new customers in the thickest contract. TheRetailers have been able to deliver the egg-laying wool milk sow occasionally since December .

AVM FRITZ! Box 7270

There is also an update for the five-year-old 19-inch TFT (Samsung SyncMaster 191T with VA panel). In fact, this was done in 2005. The Samsung SyncMaster 960BF 19 'monitors, which were bought cheaply at the time, quickly became popular with the Relatives dumped and the lifespan of the 191T extended without further ado. These days the device has too few pixels, so I would like to add a new main monitor to the side. My favorite would actually be the Samsung SyncMaster 245T . For the first time the device was shown at CeBIT 2006. It was shown in a modified form at CeBIT 2007 and these days a “deliverable” flares up again and again for a short time in popular online shops. The device has not yet been officially announced for Germany and one is increasingly wondering whether Samsung would like to present this bolide again at CeBIT 2008.

What is the bottom line? The iPhone is either very expensive or only available indirectly msung cannot or do not want to deliver. So maybe you should go for something that is available and not overly expensive. Like, for example, a new, quiet and powerful processor cooler like the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 , which piqued my interest due to its simpler assembly without motherboard backplanes.

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