Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!

Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!


Every two years it happens that around Christmas time as part of a contract extension may choose a new cell phone at extremely favorable conditions - e My contractor calls this in the loyalty offer. Cell phones are one of those technical devices that I only have a little knowledge of when it comes to replacing my own device with a new one.

And so it happens that - knowing about the upcoming loyalty offer - I find myself slowly starting to take a closer look at the various cell phones. Although I'm generally interested in technology, I say of a cell phone that I just have to like it first and foremost. Of course, it wouldn't stand a chance if it made gross technical blunders. But who really needs all of them, these promotional and possibly contract-binding features?

In any case, I only want to make calls with a cell phone, send SMS, occasionally take a snapshot in the lecture hall or at a party and not another one Carry a separate MP3 player with mehave to, when there's already a cell phone in my pocket.

In this regard, I have had good experiences with a Sony Ericsson model so far and I just wish for Christmas that my cell phone provider will soon also May I include the Sony Ericsson W880i in its loyalty offer!

Sony Ericsson W880i

As the product abbreviation already reveals, it is part of Sony Ericsson's Walkman cell phones and should, as usual, impress with its very good MP3 playback. The integrated camera with 2.0 megapixels and 2.5x digital zoom roughly corresponds to the video capabilities of my current cell phone and should therefore still be sufficient for my purposes. The music and video data can be stored on the associated Memory Stick Micro (M2) with one gigabyte of storage capacity.

The external qualities of the W880i, such as the extremely low weight of 71 grams, are not entirely unimportant for my wish. The mobile phone measures 103 x 46 mm and is 9.4 mm flat. A 240 x 320 pixel TFT display with 262,144 colors is embedded in the brushed stainless steel chassis. The scope of delivery is rounded off by good in-ear headphones 'made by Sony'.


After the budget this year, a new system with two Intel Quad-Core Xeons -Processors including board and four gigabytes of FB-DIMM memory was heavily used, should reason actually take hold at some point and the Christmas present should be correspondingly smaller. Nevertheless, this year three (four) products with a value of 250 to 650 euros made it onto the shortlist. It starts with a small NAS (Network Attached Storage) system called SS4200-E from Intel, based on EMC software . Peppered with one64-bit low-voltage Intel Celeron 420 processor (Merom basis), a mainboard with an i945GZ/ICH7 chipset combination, 512 MB DDR2 RAM, 4x Serial ATA with RAID 0/1/5 10/JBOD, 4x USB2.0 and Gigabit-LAN, all local hard disk storage should disappear from the domestic computing machines as far as possible and the machine park, which has meanwhile grown somewhat, should be made available centrally and with high performance in the network, without having to set up shares on multiple hosts. The ability to create and manage central backups, as well as the significantly lower power consumption compared to a workstation converted into a file server, make this product's heart beat faster.

Intel SS4200-E
Hewlett Packard LP2465 TFT
Dell 2407WFP-HC
Linksys DMA-2200

Second - what a miracle - there is a new TFT monitor with a 24 inch screen diagonal the list of possible Christmas gifts. In addition to the Dell 2407WFP-HC, the LP2465 from Hewlett-Packard is very popular. In whose favor the final decision will be made is still completely open, even if the Dell has one more point on its side thanks to its proven suitability at its own workplace. The third or fourth product (counting the two TFTs individually) was the small DMA-2200 set-top box from Linksys. Comparable to a TV receiver, thanksall media content can be conveniently played on the television. Starting with pictures and music to films and streams from the World Wide Web, the small box also offers a recording function, so that instead of an expensive HDD/DVD recorder, it can be conveniently transferred to a PC or network attached storage without a TV card (Wink top) can be recorded and further processed. Greetings from Digital Life!

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