Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!

Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!


This year I'm getting greedy. No, different, I distribute my wish in many smaller positions and I give myself some things that I wanted to have from time to time, but not necessarily needed.

So my old Antec ARIA in the living room is replaced by a more compact, simple and inexpensive ASUS TT-671 in black. The space for the missing optical drive is taken up by a USB-connected slimline DVD burner from the e-bay. Far too many dust catchers disturb the optically wanted minimalistic impression of my home four walls. When everything disappears in the closet and the cute slim DVD drive is the only device under the LCD TV, I hope that my living room will look tidier again.

In the study, my base-939- System got its last kick with a Toledo X2 4200+ and the latest flagship model from ATi, the HD 3870. For a long time I thought about whether it would be worthwhile, but the 50 euros for such a CPU are currently unbeatable. This is how work and the one orAnother game might be more attractive again.

Another gimmick that I always wanted, but when I was in front of it, then rather not indulged, is a clever photo printer. Far too often I have noticed that the beautiful pictures that have been created over time only collect virtually dust in 'My Pictures' and on various photo CDs. Too bad, because you don't want to have to turn on your PC for certain memories. For this purpose, I no longer just flirted with the Canon Selphy CP-740, but in short, threw the part into the shopping cart and finally ordered it. Empty walls want to be filled with it - but I think my girlfriend is only interested in printing. ;-)

Asus TT-671
Canon Selphy

In spite of all of these small self-gifts - or perhaps because of them - I will not be able to miss the opportunity to give a small sum for people this year who need it. Sure, everyone wants and needs in a way, but you shouldn't forget that all over the world there are people who are nowhere near as good as us - not just at Christmas.


Christmas, there was something ... Right, the festival of love, contemplation ... and giving. Following the latter tradition, I put a QNAP TS-209 Pro on my short but fine wish list. I first became aware of the current offspring of the Turbo Station series at this year's CB/FB team meeting in summer.


One ofI, a dearest person, received it as a gift. When I saw his shiny eyes after opening the plain box, I knew that this wasn't just any NAS server. After the modernization of my home cinema system was recently completed and its network capability is now guaranteed, it was pretty clear to me what should be under the Christmas tree for me: The QNAP as the central interface for all multimedia data. Connected to the WLAN router, my dream of wireless home networking could become a reality thanks to the DNLA-certified Twonky media server. Regardless of whether music, films or vile vacation photos are to be played or displayed on the plasma, notebook or workstation computer, the TS-209 makes it possible. The smooth streaming of HD content remains doubtful even with the 108.11n standard, but in no way discourages me from testing it and finding alternative solutions if necessary.

Thanks to the generous user administration and rights allocation, secure access to the data via the Internet would not be a problem. My concerns about data security also dissipated quickly after reading the ComputerBase message about the new all-in-one server: Whether via LAN, Internet or the enclosed Windows software - the backup options are diverse. The copy function via the QNAP's USB interface is also a useful feature in my opinion. All data from a connected USB data carrier can be transferred to the TS-209 with just one push of a button. I certainly don't have to hide the pro. The workmanship is first-class and the material used is high-quality.

Finally, my dearest wish: a beautiful, contemplative and peaceful Christmas with my loved ones. With no money in the world to buy.

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