Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!

Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!


Just in time for Christmas, the wishes are rather modest this year. Crysis could not be played smoothly on the home PC even in medium level of detail, so that new components could definitely be added to the wish list, but the days when free hours were spent playing games are long gone. For the few moments when the gamer's heart comes through again, an upgrade is not worthwhile. So this year at Christmas the old cassette adapter should finally be replaced, which has been reliably connecting the iPod to the car radio for years, but already generates a clear noise at medium volume. Since the car radio does not have an aux connection or an iPod interface and, thanks to its impeccable function, an exchange is out of the question, an FM transmitter should actually fix it this year. This should also provide the iPod with a stable holder so that it no longer has to be carelessly stowed in the center console. In addition, the iPod is also charged while driving and you have to do this for longer journeysno longer make sure to charge the iPod again beforehand so that it does not give up its ghost halfway.

Belkin iPod TuneBase FM

Even if one or the other reader's hair will stand on end because of the sound quality of the radio connection, I find them for the car Operation completely sufficient, especially since neither the radio nor the speakers are up-to-date, high-priced representatives. The choice would actually have been for the iPod TuneBase FM from Belkin, but unfortunately the model does not seem to be shipped with new adapters even months after the new iPod models have been launched. As the self-experiment revealed, the iPod nano 3G also finds a good hold in the adapter for the iPod video thanks to the stiff dock connection and can be operated without any problems, but is not perfectly framed, so that a little research is necessary here. until a suitable model with bracket is spotted. If this does not work, you can choose the LiquidFM Transmitter Deluxe for iPod in combination with the Car Mount - universal car mount for MP3 players from Kensington.

And who knows, maybe the bearded plumber will come back to the house in his latest episode for Christmas.


Christmas season blackout phenomenon. Who does not know this: Over the whole year there are usually the most blooming gift ideas for loved ones and of course for yourself, but when it is really time to let your creativity run free, there is a gap where the most exciting ones are Wishes cavorted, only a yawning emptiness. And so you are finally forced to wrest a kind of emergency program within a very short time, for your loved ones and above all yourselfto bring a materially conciliatory Christmas party myself.

And what would a ComputerBase editor like from the world that lies at his feet 365 days a year anyway? In fact, I have no other choice this year than to express the profane desire for a new graphics card. After the loyal, but now almost worthless Athlon 64 2 GHz single-core team of private PCs based on DDR1 and AGP, far from any sensible expansion or upgrade idea, could finally be retired and a reasonably current AMD -Athlon-64-X2-6000 + -EE infrastructure had to give way, the graphics card remains the only component that has not yet been modernized. As befits its standing, a GeForce 8800 GT should find its way here as a current price-performance hit. The version or brand plays a fundamentally subordinate role here - the main thing is that it fits into the small Micro-ATX housing and that with its PCB length of a good 23 cm it does just that.

Nvidia GeForce 8800GT
SyncMaster 206BW

And since it is well known that wishes do not cost anything, I am allowed to think of another new acquisition. A new monitor will soon be in the house because I've discovered the benefits of dual-monitor work for myself. A chic 20 'model is completely sufficient (after all, it should be used on the side of another 20' display). The choice will most likely fall on the Samsung SyncMaster 206BW. It offers a decent picture, a chic look and is comparatively cheap to buy.

Whether one of the wishes can be fulfilled is still in the stars. But also withoutHardware under the Christmas tree I am sure to have a wonderful Christmas party ahead of me, which I wish you too.

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