Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!

Christmas 2007: We wish something: That!


I already experienced the first snow this winter, privately and professionally everything is going well . What should someone like me wish for now? Since I see myself as a very undemanding person, I always find it difficult to express wishes. Most wishes are immaterial and cannot be fulfilled, e.g. world peace or reason and intelligence for politicians. But this year I actually have more tangible things in my head.

Most concrete is probably a new computer. Since I hardly play any more games and want to be a little more mobile, I've been flirting with a 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro for some time. For my purposes that is completely sufficient. I have already had several opportunities to deal with Mac OS X on various Apple computers, and despite the short time I am convinced that Mac OS X is superior to the other known operating systems. It works, it's stable, it's comfortable, and it looks darn good. Since I hardly believe that I will get such a device as a gift, I will probably have to fulfill this wish myself.

To the othersI would like to mention two key words: banana boxes and armchairs. I've been keeping my music CDs in two banana boxes for years. They do the job, but they don't look appealing next to my TV and stereo. Maybe Santa Claus will finally manage to get me a nice CD shelf. I would also like to replace the two armchairs in my living room with a sofa. The armchairs are ancient and you sit on them as low as in a Ferrari. Looks sporty, but makes my health insurance cry. My problem with sofas, however, is that there are only a few models with a high back. In my opinion, low backrests at the level of the loin are useless because they are uncomfortable. It will not be an easy undertaking.

The near future will tell whether and how my wishes will be fulfilled. In any case, I hope that your wishes will come true and I also wish you happy holidays.


Christmas is music for me and music is classical for me in this case. So what is at the top of my wish list? That's right, an excellent CD recording of the sonatas for violin and harpsichord by Johann Sebastian Bach ( BWV 1014-1019 ).

BWV 1014-1019

The performers of my dream recording are characteristically a strange duo: On the one hand, Giuliano Carmignola , a brilliant violin virtuoso, extroverted, lanky looking and charming. He produces a wonderfully warm, lively and full violin tone and literally 'lives' the music with all the associated emotions. And Andrea Marcon on the other side. An excellent harpsichord player, rather introverted, thoughtful and strict. He really knows his instrument above average. His play is clear and lively withfabulous virtuoso “outliers”. Both together complement each other uniquely. Your ingenious interpretation of the sonatas at the highest level even make me forget that the harpsichord is not my preferred classical instrument.

And I have one more wish: Opera 9.5 Final, the Christmas edition . A final version without bugs. But finally with a perfectly functioning proxy configuration option, reliable IMAP function and an address book that does not only contain rudimentary elements. Then it would definitely be “the best browser forever” for me. ;-)

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