Chipsets for the hammer are ready

Chipsets for the hammer are ready

While the introduction of the classic AMD Athlon with K7 architecture initially had to be satisfied with pure AMD chipsets, when the hammer is introduced, based on the K8 architecture, you will have a wider range of chipsets to choose from.

Both VIA and SiS already have their chipsets largely ready, so that the first motherboard manufacturers are already doing so Products will be exhibited at Computex in Taipei, which opened its doors from June 3rd to 7th, 2002. However, running systems will only be admired at AMD, which is known to have its own chipset for the hammer with the AMD-8000 .

There is the memory controller at the hammer , which is usually in the northbridge of the chipset, is integrated in the processor, the performance of the chipsets should be on the same level. However, the equipment will be all the more diverse. In addition to the usual features such as AGP 8x or USB 2.0 and ATA133, even features such as Firewire, ADSL modem or SerialATA-150 will migrate to the southbridge of the chipsets.

The hammer Overview of chipsets
Chipset Launch Southbridge Specials VIA K8HTA June 2002 VT8235 - K8HTB July 2002 VT8235 - K8UMA 4Q 2002 VT8235 - SiS SiS755 June 2002 SiS968 Firewire, SerialATA, ADSL SiS760 4Q 2002 SiS968 Firewire, SerialATA., ADS968 M1687 - M1563 Firewire M1688 - - -

In later versions of the VIA and SiS Southbridge, both manufacturers want to integrate wireless LAN according to the 802.11B standard. One can only hope that the mainboard manufacturers really use all of the given functions. So the integrated LAN support remainsMany chipsets are often unused for no reason.

At nVidia, too, they are currently working hard on a chipset for the hammer, but unfortunately there is no detailed information on this yet. Obviously the only thing that is certain is that the Crush18 with new onboard graphics will come into play here.