Cheap printer cartridges at Skymaxx

Cheap printer cartridges at Skymaxx

Modern inkjet printers are something nice. Not only are they inexpensive, they also offer excellent print quality and great speed when printing. At the latest when it comes to buying new cartridges, you notice where the manufacturers get the money from the customer.

With there is now a new provider who is pushing onto the market with self-developed ink tanks. In contrast to other low-cost suppliers, pigment inks are used here, which the printer manufacturers also use in their products. In contrast to water-soluble ink, pigment ink allows smaller drops and thus enables a better print image.

The guys from have specialized in printers from Epson and Canon (but they also have cartridges from Xerox in the program) and offer cartridges for almost every model that are significantly cheaper than those of the manufacturers themselves. Here is a brief comparison to KM electronics which are generally very cheap:

Price comparison for ink cartridges (excerpt from the range)
Printer KM electronics Skymaxx Canon 4000 b/w € 12.0 € 3.99 Canon 4000er col € 19.16 € 7.99 Canon 3000/6000er b/w € 13.24 € 6.79 Canon 3000/6000er magenta € 9.66 € 5.99 Epson StylusColor 800 b/w € 18.66 € 6.99 Epson StylusColor 800 col € 24.28 € 11.99 Epson StylusColor 640 col € 25.55 € 11.99

So the price difference falls more than clear. However, it is not known whether you get the same amount of ink for the money. Since Hewlett Packard (HP) has patents in Germany that make it impossible to reproduce Partonen, this is of course a shame, as you unfortunately have to rely on expensive original products from the manufacturer. Especially since you at HPreplacing the print head with every cartridge purchase, which makes changing cartridges a particularly expensive matter. Owners of an Epson, Canon or Xerox printer, on the other hand, are lucky and can purchase cartridges with a 24-month guarantee at .