'CeBit Edition' - PC at Lidl

'CeBit Edition' - PC at Lidl

Once again the time has come The grocery chain Lidl is once again bringing a PC onto the market, the so-called CeBit Edition. Lidl has not yet heard anything about the data, but the first scans of the upcoming Lidl brochure are already being made on the Internet the round.

Inside, an Athlon XP 2000+ is working on the Asus A7N266-D motherboard. Equipped with 256MB Samsung DDR memory and an nVidia GeForce4, the PC is quite impressive. However, it is unclear what type the GeForce graphics card is. Additional features include an 80GB hard drive, a DVD drive from Samsung and a 32x CD burner from Asus. There are still no precise details about the computer's connections either. However, it is certain that the computer will have two Firewire interfaces, one of them on the front of the computer, two front USBs and a microphone and headphone connection each. The offer is rounded off by an integrated modem and a network card. Microsoft's Windows XP Home Edition will be used as the operating system, as well as WorksSuite 2002 and various software from third-party manufacturers.

It remains to be seen whether this CeBit edition will be available throughout Germany, as offers from Lidl are often regionally limited. In the regions in which it will be sold, it will be available from March 14th for 1299 euros.