CB SETI team: 150,000 WUs calculated

CB SETI team: 150,000 WUs calculated

It was not too long ago that the SETI @ home team was founded by ComputerBase. To be precise, it's our birthday soon. On August 28 the team turns one year old. Shortly before that, namely today, our team passed a nice round milestone. The 150,000 WU mark.

Anyone wondering that the 150,000 WUs are not yet displayed on the official statistics page, let me tell you that Berkeley is always lagging a little behind. If you want to know exactly, you can add up the individual values ​​of the members.

It's impressive, like ours WUs are crunched away. Our team calculates about 660 WUs per day, or 4,620 WUs per week, and sends the results back to the University of Berkeley, California. Our team is constantly growing. We can currently count on one more member per day. On average, of course. Our team currently consists of 330 members, most of whom are actively calculating WUs, but a small number no longer do the calculations, as with every team. A small part, the so-called hard core, are the power crunchers, which calculate WUs 24 hours a day. And that 7 days a week, all year round. It goes without saying that this small group already calculates the most WUs per day. But also the rest of our members crunch as much as they can. It is not for nothing that we have been one of the 200 best 'ATHome' teams in the world for some time. This year we will probably be one of the 200 best teams from ALL teams, not just in the “AtHome” category.

If you have only understood the station so far, you should do some research and read up on what it is all about at SETI @ home. Our SETI forum on ForumBase is also a good place to go. There is actually nothing there that has not already been explained. Speaking of the forum, a rumor has been going around there for some time that it might be a surprisefor the team’s annual anniversary. Nobody really knows what that could be. The best thing to do is to drop by from time to time to be up to date. Oh yes, there are also instructions on how to participate in our team and at SETI @ home. So go on, what are you waiting for?