Blu-ray: sales figures and PS3 shares

Blu-ray: sales figures and PS3 shares

The lobby group Blu-ray Disc Association recently announced a new sales record, according to which the number of Blu-ray players sold on November 24th was 2.7 million units. The larger this number becomes, the more interesting it is to know to what extent the sales of the PlayStation 3, which are partially increasing , play a role.

This is especially important to know about a direct one To be able to draw comparison with the competition from HD DVD. The current figures explicitly include both stand-alone players and drives suitable for games. In order to calculate the proportion of the PlayStation 3, the real sales of the console can simply be deducted from the total: In October, two million Blu-ray-compatible copies of the PS3 were sold, so that the proportion of stand-alone devices comes to around 700,000 Units.

At this point it would of course be more productive to use the November sales figures for the PS3 - these will not be available until the middle of this month at the earliest. Based on the numbers mentioned, this would mean that the PlayStation 3 accounts for a good 74 percent of Blu-ray sales. Furthermore, the dominance of the technology over the competition from HD DVD, which recently announced sales of 750,000 copies .

In this respect, a distinction can be made here between sales and actual usage figures. Not least because because a study from August of this year says that hardly any buyer of the current generation of consoles knows about the capabilities of their game machine as a playback device for HD media. According to this, only about 20 percent of PS3 buyers use the Blu-ray capabilities, which would significantly limit the real spread of this standard. On the other hand, hardly any Xbox 360 owners know about the optional HD DVD drive that is offered for them. That is precisely why it canHowever, it can be assumed that buyers of an Xbox 360 HD DVD drive will buy it specifically for playing HD films, which is why the Xbox 360 extension should not be excluded from the paragraphs of HD DVD players.

While Blu-ray clearly dominates due to the strategic partnership with Sony, the differences in the sale of stand-alone devices are less striking - depending on the accuracy of the data mentioned, you could even choose HD DVD . Ultimately, however, distribution will of course turn out to be a far more important criterion in the fight for the new standard.