BiTMICRO shows SSD with 832 GB capacity

BiTMICRO shows SSD with 832 GB capacity

BiTMICRO wants to present its range of SSD mass storage devices at the Consumer Electronics Show , which will take place in Las Vegas in a few days, which so far have capacities up to 416 gigabytes were announced to expand another model. This should offer 832 gigabytes of storage capacity and be offered in the 2.5 'form factor.

With that, BiTMICRO probably holds that Record in the field of SSDs, since the products of other manufacturers are usually only planned with capacities of up to 128 or 256 GB. However, since these models are also priced well in the four-digit euro range, the 832 GB model will probably be in the average private users are completely unaffordable five-digit range.

The high storage capacity is achieved through the use of multi-level cell technology, which compared to single-level cell (SLC) has a higher storage density, but also lower The smaller models of the E-Disk Altima series, including the 416 GB model, rely on SLC, which means that their stated read and write rates of around 100 MB/s are unlikely to match the 832 UK model apply, more information are unfortunately not yet known, the manufacturer may reveal further details at the CES.

BiTMICRO E-Disk Altima 2.5 '