Big tower with 12 front slots from Sharkoon

Big tower with 12 front slots from Sharkoon

Sharkoon is expanding its portfolio of PC cases to include the 'Sharkoon Rebel12' big tower, which is intended to impress with its generous design space for multi-component systems and server PCs and a low price.

The Sharkoon Rebel12 has a 3.5-inch slot and eleven 5.25-inch bays for drives and hard drives and function panels. In addition to an ATX or E-ATX board, there is also space for seven expansion cards and - in two hard drive cages - up to six 3.5 'hard drives. The power supply unit is decoupled on the two hard drive cages so that even longer models can be stored in a stable and vibration-free manner . The housing itself rests on decoupling feet. The optical drives, hard drives and expansion cards are mounted without screws with plastic rails and quick-release fasteners. Sharkoon has also thought of water cooling fans: there are already two hose feed-throughs in the rear of the housing. and reset button, four vertical USB ports, headphone and microphone connections as well as power and hard disk LEDs are housed. The individual mesh front panels are provided with textile filters to protect against dust.

Model range Sharkoon Rebel12

Sharkoon offers the Rebel12 with its dimensions of 215 x 535 x 540 mm (W x H x D) in two versions: The cheaper economy version has no pre-installed fan, but with space for one 140 mm fans in the front and rear as well as two 120 and two 80 mm fans in the side panel. In the ventilated Value version, a 250 mm LED fan rotates in the side part and a 140 mm fan in the front; there are also pre-drilled holes for two optional 80 mm fans in the side part and for a 140 mm fan in the back. Both modelsare available in black and silver. Manual and mounting material are included.

Sharkoon Rebel12 Value
Sharkoon Rebel12
Sharkoon Rebel12 Economy

The Sharkoon Rebel12 is available for the recommended retail price of 79 euros (Economy) or 89 euros (value) available from authorized dealers.