Big raffle from the Seti ComputerBase team

Big raffle from the Seti ComputerBase team

For this year, the Seti CB team has come up with something very special to surprise our dedicated members. We'll be giving away three prizes among the team's steadiest crunchers. It's not about who crunches the most WU's or who has the most WU's on their account.

No, in order to give the little crunchers a real chance, it's about who regularly delivers their WUs every week. Yes, it's that simple. Practically anyone who constantly calculates WUs for our team can take part. It doesn't matter whether you can contribute five or 50 WUs a week, how many WUs you have on your account or how high you are in the Berkeley statistics . No, none of that is included. The only thing that counts is the continuity of the WUs shown in the SetiTeam from today onwards.

The day on which the Seti ComputerbaseTeam reached the top 200 clubs is decisive for the deadline for the raffle - but no earlier than July 1st, 2002 .

You are probably already excited to see what there is to be won. In view of the fact that this is primarily about crunching WUs, of course something that also benefits the team:

1st prize an Athlon 1400 PC for the WU crunching mainboard : Elitegroup K7SEM CPU: AMD Athlon C 1400 MHz with AKASA Silver Mountain RAM: MCI 256MB SD-Ram PC150 CL2 HDD: IBM DJNA 371350 13.5 GB CD/DVD: CD-ROM Philips 40x floppy: 1.44 MB 3.5 'Graka: Elsa Erazor III LT 32 MB PSU: No Name 250W Housing: ATX Micro Tower Operating System: Linux Sound: OnBoard AC97 Audio Network: OnBoard Realtek 10/100Mbit RTL8139C OC: 138 MHz possible
The 2nd price an AMD K6-2 500 PC for the WU crunch mainboard: AsusP5A CPU: AMD K6-2 500 MHz RAM: Infineon 256MB SD-Ram PC133 CL3 HDD: 1.2 + 0.27 GB CD/DVD: CD-ROM No Name 48x floppy: 1.44 MB 3.5 'graphics: ATI Rage Pro Turbo 8 MB PSU: No Name 300W Housing: AOpen Big Tower Operating system: Linux Sound: - OC: Runs smoothly with 105 MHz FSB
3rd prize: One Graphics card Elsa Erazor X² Graphics chip: GeForce 256 Memory: 32MB DDR

The prices are from private holdings and were donated by members of our Seti team. All devices are used but in perfect and functional condition. Guarantee services are excluded. We do not sell or advertise anything. This is a private raffle with no financial interest. As always, legal recourse is final, the donors of the P travel do not take part in the raffle. As always, you can find out the current status in the Forum .

Athlon 1.4GHz housing
Athlon 1.4GHz open
K6-2 housing
K6-2 open
Erazor X²