Beta driver for new VIA chipset

Beta driver for new VIA chipset

Taiwanese chipset maker VIA has unexpectedly released beta drivers for a chipset that is said to be released later this month. The Inf-File has the version number 1.50, the AGP driver presents itself in the development stage 4.11.

A VIA -Employees announced in the in-house forum that the drivers do not bring any further innovations besides support for an unnamed chipset. Perhaps VIA wants to supply various people who have a mainboard with a corresponding chipset under NDA with new drivers in this somewhat strange way. Since VIA already has chipsets with DDR333 support on the market for both AMD and Intel platforms in the form of the KT333 and P4X333, there is speculation about whether the new chipset will eventually bring support for DDR400. In this case, an Intel chipset would be more likely, since significantly higher performance increases can be expected there due to faster memory. On the other hand, it could also be the KT333A, which supposedly has AGP 8x and USB 2.0 on the credit side.

Download: Inf-File 1.50 Beta

Download: AGP driver 4.11 Beta