Belinea: Nationwide narrowband flat rate for 30 euros

Belinea: Nationwide narrowband flat rate for 30 euros

After the narrowband flat rate from 123andGo disappeared from the market before the start, Blinea is now offering one. The costs are the same at 29.99 euros and, as with the current part-time flat rate and also with MDS, a preselection connection with a setup fee of 58 euros is the prerequisite.

This means that telephone calls can then be made processed via Blinea and you pay 5.55 cents per minute, but you can call again with the telecom area code 01033 at your old conditions. Use in the network does not interfere with blinea and there should not be any forced disconnection. However, you should expect to have to wait 30 days for activation. After the regulatory authority has put pressure on Telekom again, there is finally a bit of momentum in the narrowband sector. But if you think you can finally be online again, you should read the following lines by Blinea a little more closely.

Help us that flat rates do not die out in Germany. Picoflat 24 is tested in this form. The offer is expected to be limited to December 31, 2002. It depends on you whether picoflat 24 will be continued. Every user should ask himself whether a constant internet connection makes sense, even if it is not actually used at some times of the day.

Users who are online for longer than 48 hours at a time will receive an immediate connection after a prior warning Termination pronounced!

Please do not misunderstand this appeal. Use your access, but use it responsibly !!! Thank you!