AVM FRITZ! Card DSL in the test: ADSL and ISDN with one card

AVM FRITZ! Card DSL in the test: ADSL and ISDN with one card

The conclusion

With the FRITZ! Card DSL, AVM has brought a mature product onto the market , which did not cause any problems on the hardware side during the test. The DSL software, on the other hand, caused the line to break down after about half an hour, but only when the 'DSL Watch' program was used. Without it, there were no problems whatsoever, neither with connections via FRITZ! Web DSL nor with the connection via NDIS WAN. The included FRITZ! 32 ISDN software worked without a problem, version 3.02.01 has been available for download from AVM since February 1st. This is where AVM's service becomes clear, as it reacts quickly to problems that arise and updates are offered for free download at short notice.

AVM grants a five-year warranty on the FRITZ! Card DSL. The card should now be available in stores everywhere. AVM recommends a price of € 149, which is already being undercut by some retailers. This means that the card is only around € 20 more expensive than the modem offered by Telekom, which still requires a network card to operate.

On the plus side, there is the elimination of the external DSL modem, the Unneeded network card, the integrated ISDN card and the supplied software. The FRITZ! An ISDN card would cost a good € 70 as an extra card. The price-performance ratio of the FRITZ! Card DSL can therefore be rated positively across the board. Even the slightlyFor some users, mainly online gamers, better ping values ​​are a reason to buy.

On the negative side, only the problems with ADSL watch and the lack of Linux support should be mentioned, which AVM is sure to provide in This should be fixed shortly.

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  • Stability
  • Equipment
  • Documentation
  • ISDN software
  • Price-performance
  • Service
  • 5 year warranty
  • DSL software
  • Linux support missing

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