AVM FRITZ! Card DSL in the test: ADSL and ISDN with one card

AVM FRITZ! Card DSL in the test: ADSL and ISDN with one card


Internet access via ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is enjoying increasing popularity , certainly also through the full-bodied promises of advertising. The market leader here is once again Deutsche Telekom AG, which has a market share of over 90 percent. However, the times for customers are no longer as 'magenta' (rosy) as they were last year. Since January 1, 2002, Telekom customers have had to purchase the necessary DSL modem, and Telekom only 'gives away' the splitter that separates data traffic from normal voice traffic on the lines. In the meantime there are already several models of DSL modems on the market, in this test we want to take a closer look at the FRITZ! Card DSL from AVM from Berlin , who kindly provided us with a test copy. Last year we were able to present a preview based on a beta test series of the card at this point. The test now follows using the final card and sophisticated software supplement.

Scope of delivery

The AVM FRITZ! Card DSL is not just a DSL controller card, it also has a small bonus a full-fledged ISDN controller, practically a complete FRITZ! Card ISDN.

The box contains the usual AVM design next to the actual PCI plug-in card, two 6 meter long connection cables. One for connection to the DSL port of the splitter and an ISDN cable. There is also aBrief instruction card in A5 format, which explains to the experienced computer user in a few steps and with a few illustrations, the assembly and commissioning of the card. If that's not enough for you, you can use the two German manuals, one for 'Installation and Operation of the FRITZ! Card DSL', the other is the 'Software Manual' for the FRITZ! 32 ISDN software supplied on CD. In addition to this software, the CD contains the CAPI drivers for Windows 98/ME/NT 4.0/2000 and XP, which allow Internet access via DSL and ISDN as well as RAS (Remote Access Service) access. Software for Linux was not yet available at the time of testing, but should follow shortly.

THE packaging


The installation runs without major hurdles. After opening the PC, the plug-in card is inserted into a free PCI slot on the motherboard and, thanks to Plug + Play, is automatically recognized by the operating system, in this case Windows XP, after the restart. The driver and the rest of the software are installed automatically as soon as the CD is inserted. In addition to the familiar FRITZ! 32 ISDN software, which is still in version 3.01 on the CD, special DSL software is also installed. After restarting the computer, the FRITZ! Card DSL and FRITZ! 32 software are ready.

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