ATi renews the challenge

ATi renews the challenge

As ATi announced at a conference of the stock market analyst Meryll-Lynch, the next-generation product naturally wants to regain the top performance. They want to beat nVidia not only in performance, but this time also in the market launch.

Under the motto 'Crush the Force 'announced ATi boss Orton the fight against the market leader, which will be continued in the first half of next year with products based on the R300 successors R400 and R500.

As usual at ATi it will be there are also energy-saving versions for use in notebooks with a short time lag, according to Orton, who also confirmed the six-month cycle with reference to the OEM product cycles.

Also the Gamecube from Nintendo, which is currently saw its sales start in Germany, is an important line of business for ATi, which manufactures its graphics unit 'Flipper' after the purchase of ArtX. For him there is no question that the Gamecube will be a great success, concluded Orton.