ATi officially introduces motherboard chipsets

ATi officially introduces motherboard chipsets

After nVidia, ATi is now entering the business of mainboard chipsets. The mainboard chips developed so far under the code names A3 and A4 have now dropped their code names at CeBIT and will be available in the first products this summer.

The Northbridge called A3 during development is now called Radeon IGP 320 (Integrated Graphics Processor) for the desktop market and Radeon IGP 320M for use in notebooks. ATi has provided the Radeon IGP 330, 340 and 340M for the Pentium 4 processor. The latter is intended for use in Pentium 4 notebooks. In contrast to the Radeon IGP 340, the 330 does not have an integrated TV encoder and a front-side bus of 533 MHz. Both the Northbridge for Socket A and the variant for Socket 478 use DDR266 memory, which is connected to a 64-bit bus. Furthermore, both have an ATi Radeon 7000 graphics core. As an alternative to this, however, an AGP 4x port is also routed to the outside in order to use a faster graphics solution if necessary.

In addition to the various Northbridges, ATi has also announced two Southbridges. These are named IXP 200 and IXP 250 respectively. Both models are equipped with Ethernet functionality and offer up to 6 USB 2.0 ports as well as six-channel digital surround sound. The IXP 250 also offers, for example, Wake On Lan (WOL) or a Desktop Management Interface (DMI).

Among others, Gigabyte, Fujitsu, FIC and PowerColor want to offer products with these chipsets.

Radeon IGP 320 for AMD processors
Radeon IGP 340 for Intel processors
Radeon IXP
Block diagram Radeon IGP320
Block diagram Radeon IGP3420