ATi Imageon 3200 - graphics power on the go

ATi Imageon 3200 - graphics power on the go

ATi has presented the Imageon 3200 for use in PDAs and handhelds. The chip belongs to the second generation of graphics co-processors for the handheld area from ATi. The Imageon 3200 not only offers an optimized 2D engine, but also impresses with its very low power consumption.

Individual samples of the chip have already been delivered to the manufacturer. Mass production is scheduled to begin at the end of November 2002.


  • Enhanced 2D Graphics Engine: All basic 2D acceleration functions are supported to enable fast animation and fast drawing to the screen. IMAGEON 3200 also includes advanced features such as alpha blending, object rotation, and Gouraud shading to enhance the visual quality and help the creativity of content developers for the handheld market.
  • MPEG and JPEG decoding: The video hardware decode functions free up more than 50% of MIPS power from the main CPU, resulting in the support of higher resolutions at higher frame rates with no visual artifacts.
  • Integrated Memory : IMAGEON 3200 includes enough embedded SRAM (static random access memory) to support double buffering of images for higher quality graphics and video on standard PDA display resolutions (up to 320 x 480 pixels).
  • Host Interface: IMAGEON 3200 uses a high-bandwidth, high performance host- interface to connect seamlessly to all industry-leading embedded microprocessors such as Intel's XScale, Motorola's MX1, TI's OMAP, and Samsung's S3C2400.
  • Display Engine: The mai n component of the display engine is a programmable LCD timing controller (or TCON). The programmability of this timing generator gives OEMs the flexibility to interface to a large number of LCD panels using different technologies from different manufacturers.
  • USB On-The-Go (OTG): IMAGEON 3200 is the firstintegrated co-processor to offer USB OTG (On-The-Go) - a new standard that connects two USB devices directly. USB On-The-Go is designed for mobile interconnectivity by allowing a USB device to communicate with other USB peripherals (such as printers) without the need to go through a PC.
  • Secure Digital (SD ) card: Both SD memory cards and SDIO cards (with functions such as Bluetooth, digital cameras, etc ...) are supported with the fully integrated and standard compliant controller. Multi-media Cards (MMC) are also supported.
  • Video Capture Port: IMAGEON 3200 connects seamlessly to digital cameras and other video sources through its embedded capture port for images with resolutions up to VGA. Three input formats are accepted including the ITU-656 standard.