Athlon XP with Cool'n'Quiet is coming

Athlon XP with Cool'n'Quiet is coming

Anyone who owns an Athlon is sure to have a massive cooler to keep the processor at appropriate temperatures. With the now presented Athlon XP with Cool'n'Quiet, this could soon change for major customers.

The Cool “n“ Quiet technology (cool and quiet) is a power-saving technology very similar to AMD's PowerNow! for notebook processors. With both technologies, it is possible to adjust the clock frequency of the processor variably to the load. In contrast to the PowerNow! The technology of the desktop version, however, always remains the same as the processor voltage during operation. In order to further reduce the power consumption of the processor, the fixed operating voltage of the Cool'n'Quiet Athlon is only 1.5 volts. The original demands a little more here with 1.75 volts. A simple BIOS update should be sufficient for the mainboards to prepare them for the 'cool and quiet' Athlon with reduced voltage.

All in all, the Athlon XP should not consume more than 35 watts on average with the help of the Cool “n“ Quiet technology. An Athlon XP 1500+ uses around 54 watts on average, depending on the load. This of course means that the cooling of the Cool'n'Quiet processors can also go to work a little more leisurely, which is primarily reflected in the reduced background noise.

The new processor is currently running at 1.33 GHz (1500 +) only delivered to wholesalers upon direct request. It is a kind of special edition that is only produced on customer request and, according to AMD, is not initially intended for retail. Hitachi is the first manufacturer to deliver a computer ( Flora 330 Silent ) with the energy-saving Athlon XP and a performance rating of 1500+ especially for the Japanese market. As AMD averages, you want a cool'n'quiet variant of theOffer Athlon XP up to 1800+. We can only hope that AMD will later manufacture these processors for retailers as well.