Athlon XP with 0.13 µm will be available at the end of March

Athlon XP with 0.13 µm will be available at the end of March

AMD announced today at CeBit that the company is expected to begin shipping the 0.13µm Athlon XP, codenamed Thoroughbred, at the end of this month. The finer manufacturing technology should reduce the power consumption and the core size.

With the 0.13µm technology, the The 80mm² Thoroughbred core of the Athlon XP is about 38 percent smaller than the current Palomino core of the Athlon XP, which is manufactured in 0.18µm. Along with the narrowing of the conductor tracks, the necessary processor voltage and thus also the waste heat produced by the processor decreases. This clears the way for higher clock rates again, although the Athlon architecture has almost reached its limits. Whether AMD will equip the Thoroughbred with an L2 cache enlarged to 512KB has not yet been officially confirmed. The only fact is that the first model of the Athlon XP with a Thoroughbred core should have a model number of 2800+.

AMD is assuming that by the end of 2002 all Athlon processors will be manufactured with 0.13 µm technology. In addition, AMD plans to begin shipping the next-generation processor, code-named Hammer, which uses a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) version of 0.13 µm technology.