Athlon XP 2500+ with 166MHz FSB in sight?

Athlon XP 2500+ with 166MHz FSB in sight?

A new day, a new bios and, especially with the current nForce 2 boards, not an unusual sight. However, the bios of the EPoX 8RDA + has been expanded in an interesting way. Version 2C10 now supports a previously unknown AMD processor.

In addition to the Athlon XP2600 + with FSB333, a smaller model with FSB333 has now been added .

  • Added Athlon XP 2600+ support (166 * 12.5).
  • Added Athlon XP 2400+ support (166 * 12).

Apparently, AMD is slowly getting the taste of the faster connection of the CPU to the Northbridge and thus to the RAM and the rest of the system - and this too, as our articles show:

However, the specified clock rate raises puzzles: '166.66MHz * 12' results in a clock rate of over 2000MHz, exactly the same frequency as the XP2400 + with 133MHz FSB already has. Since a CPU with FSB333 is faster despite the same clock rate, AMD had given a higher model rating here in the past (XP2600 + (133MHz) = 2133MHz, XP2600 + (166MHz) = 2083MHz). It almost seems more likely that AMD will deliver the missing gap filler, the XP2500 +, with this CPU.

Is it a bug with EPoX or actually the harbinger of a new Athlon XP CPU? The next few days will certainly show it.