Asus V8460 Ultra Deluxe in the test: The video talent with shutter glasses

Asus V8460 Ultra Deluxe in the test: The video talent with shutter glasses

Drivers and software

As it is for a e DeLuxe version is fitting, the software bundle is also to be classified in the 'DeLuxe' category.


On Extensive software extras are distributed among the seven enclosed CDs, which go far beyond the standard drivers with a possible soft DVD player. First of all there is of course the driver and utilities CD, which, in addition to the nVidia drivers edited by Asus, is in the now outdated version 28.32 (Asus is offering the drivers in version 29.80 on their homepage at the time of going to press for download at) in addition to the taskbar tool, the WDM capture driver required for video-in functions in the current version 1.11, its own tweak utility and the hardware monitoring package Smartdoctor 2.0. As in the screenshot belowcan be seen, the default value for alerting the user is an unbelievable 90 ° C, either you are a little optimistic here, or the GeForce4 chip can withstand more than is generally assumed.

Asus taskbar menu
Asus Display Properties
Asus Smartdoctor
Asus Smartdoctor-2

With these small but fine tools you can click through the The nVidia drivers do not exactly save themselves by providing an overview of the depths of the nVidia drivers and still elicit some normally inaccessible options or information from them. The tab for setting the brightness and the gamma value for games in D3D or OpenGL is particularly practical. There is also a viewer which, together with the shutter glasses, enables the stereoscopic viewing of images with a pseudo-3D effect.

Asus Digital Security- 1
Asus Digital Security-2
Asus DigitalSecurity-3
Asus Digital Security-4

For more serious and possibly very useful applications, the DeLuxe owner receives the Asus D-VCR in version 2.0, a video recording software currently only available in English, which offers the possibility of time-shifted recording and simultaneous playback, for which a very powerful computer with a fast hard drive would be useful. Also based on the video-in and also only in English, the program Asus Video Security is included, with which you can emulate a motion detector via a connected video or webcam and have a warning sent to your mobile phone or by email, should you be able to something happening in the video-monitored zone.


There are also programs for getting started with digital video editing and processing VideoLive Mail 4 from Cyberlink (on whose PowerDVD engine the Asus DVD player is based) and WinCoder/WinProducer from Intervideo with which, after a short training period, the first successes in editing, editing and converting home videos can be achieved. Why these two programs want to install traditional Chinese as the default language setting remains a mystery to us, as does the serial numbers printed exclusively on the CDs, which is quite a hindrance when installing.

For entertaining gaming fun in between and to put the graphics card's capabilities to a first endurance test, Asus has the 'Quadforce' called software package, which in our case consists of the full versions of Aquanox, a DirectX8 underwater action game (and part of our benchmark course), and Midnight GT, a console implementation of a fast-paced racing game with also very pleasing graphics. There are also demo versions of Rally Championship Xtreme, Comanche4, Delta Force III, Colin McRae Rallye 2.0, Operation Flashpoint and last but not least Incoming Forces from Rage Software, which also uses DirectX8 effects.

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