Asus V8440 TD and V8460 ultra TD in the test: Two 'Ti' tans among themselves

Asus V8440 TD and V8460 ultra TD in the test: Two 'Ti' tans among themselves

Scope of delivery

Next, a little look at the hardware and software inputs, which are usually much more extensive with such high-end cards than is the case in the low-cost area due to the higher price level is.

Scope of delivery V8440
V8460 with adapters

On the five enclosed CDs you will find the compulsory but nevertheless very useful soft DVD player from Asus (based on the PowerDVD engine) the two DirectX-7 racing games Rage Midnight GT and Rage Rally. No longer the very last craze, the two action racers can still be used for a short game in between.

Midnight GT
Rage Rally

The relatively new underwater action game Aquanox by the German developers of Massive Development is also included with both cards. It is characterized above all by one of the first implementations of pixel shaders and vertex shader effects and is therefore well suited as a supplement to a corresponding graphics card. There is also a CD with demos of current games, such as Rally Championship Extreme, Comanche 4, Delta Force Landwarrior, Colin McRae Rally 2, Operation Flashpoint and theShooting game Incoming Forces by Rage.

Incoming Forces
Incoming Forces
Comanchecaption' 4

Drivers and Tools

Asus is known to insist on allowing the admittedly very good reference drivers from nVidia a little further Refine.

In addition to the drivers for Windows98/ME, Windows2000/XP and WindowsNT in version 27.42, the Asus Tweak Utility 3.51 and the SmartDoctor are also on the CD v1.77 included.

Asus tools
Asus Tweak Utility

Unfortunately, the Smartdoctor does not work in conjunction with the current V84xx series because the monitoring chip required for this was not installed.

In addition, there is the Asus Video Security , unfortunately in a character set that cannot be displayed with Western European standards, and the Asus DVCR2 , which cannot be used due to the lack of video input. The current or usable versions are linked here. Also ona support for 3D shutter glasses was thought and a few pictures for stereoscopic display are also on board. In contrast to the earlier DeLuxe models, the shutter glasses are missing.

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