Asus starts shipping the P4T533

Asus starts shipping the P4T533

Some time ago we were able to exclusively present the Asus P4T533 as the first website worldwide as part of a review here on and thus triggered a veritable flood of interested parties. However, there was a catch: The board was nowhere to be found.

The corresponding thread on grew and grew until the first positive feedback appeared a few days ago. Now Asus has confirmed the start of delivery in their weekly update and has a really important tip ready.

Asus delivers the board in Germany exclusively as a bundle consisting of board and 256MB PC3200/PC4200 Rambus. This memory is manufactured exclusively by Samsung and is not yet freely available on the market. If vendors sell board and memory individually and not as a bundle, this memory clearly comes from the bundle. This is neither in Asus' interest, nor should the price of such a combination be below the bundle price.

Customers should insist on this mainboard/memory bundle, since 32-bit RAM bus memory currently only consists of a P4T533 Delivery can come.

So it is important to keep your eyes peeled when buying a motherboard, so that dubious dealers do not make ambivalent profits! The corresponding thread can be found here .


At the request of Alternates we would like to briefly point out this that Alternate was probably the only retailer who was able to purchase both the P4T533 and the matching 32-bit RAM bus memory individually and thus be able to offer them for sale individually.

Alternate Computerversand GmbH is by no means closed To count the providers who attract customers with dubious offers. The problem with the Asus P4T533 bundle has been known to us for a long time. Contrary to what you said, we managed to add both memory and motherboardavailable individually. Our many years of experience in the market and the good contacts to manufacturers and suppliers have made this possible.


Alternate has informed us that the P4T533 will be available in a bundle from the beginning of next week. In addition, Alternate gives customers the option of equipping the board with 512MB 32Bit RAM bus memory when purchasing it and not just with the 256MB included in the bundle. Of course, the additional 256MB of the RAM bus memory has to be paid for separately and, given their limited availability, they are currently still at a high price, which perhaps not everyone is willing to pay.

Since we have des were asked several times whether the P4T533 can also be bought with more than 256MB Rambus, we didn't want to withhold this information from you.