Asus soon with 48x recorder

Asus soon with 48x recorder

Although the recently announced 40x recorder from Asus will only be available on the market in the next two weeks, the guys from Taiwan are already showing the successor at their CeBit booth, which writes as fast as 48x as fast he reads.

According to the data sheet, the drive called CRW-4816A is (contrary to the statements in the photo ) is able to write to CD-Rs at 48x and CD-RWs at 16x speed. When reading, it also goes to work at a maximum of 48 times the speed. While only slight modifications have been made to the CRW-4012A compared to the CRW-3212A , the CRW-4816A uses a completely revised technology, as the CAV method is now used for writing. The burning speed is consequently increased from the inside to the outside and reaches the specified 48x in the outermost tracks. However, you have to wait until June 2002 to enjoy this burning speed. Until then, the CRW-4012A will be the fastest recorder that Asus has in its range.

The CRW-4816A is by no means finished. If you take a closer look at the recorder exhibited at CeBIT, everything indicates that the CRW-3212A was still under the hood, but with a new front panel.

Asus CRW-4816A