Asus presents the M2 notebook

Asus presents the M2 notebook

Asus is continuously expanding its own portfolio of notebooks. In the past, the L1 and L2D series were successfully launched in Germany. With the now presented M2 series, Asus now has 2kg light notebooks in its range.

The M2 uses an Intel Mobile Pentium III with 1.2 GHz and has a 14-inch display, which is from Intel's 830M Chipset with integrated graphics is addressed. By using effective energy-saving technologies such as SpeedStep, the operating time should be up to 5 hours. The attractive housing of the M2 is made of light fiberglass with a magnesium-aluminum alloy.

All representatives of the M2 series have an integrated modem, an integrated Ethernet interface, 256 MB RAM and the Intel Mobile Pentium III processor with 1.2 GHz mentioned above. The M2400 with 8x DVD drive and a 20 GB hard drive changes hands with installed Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000 for 2,299 euros, but if Windows 98SE is chosen as the operating system, the M2400 is already 100 euros cheaper. The M2400 will also be available with a 30 GB hard drive and a DVD/CD-RW combo drive (8x/8x4x24x). The price of this variant is non-binding EUR 2,549.

Asus M2400 Notebook