Asus presents its own Athlon 4 notebook

Asus presents its own Athlon 4 notebook

With the L2D, Asus introduces a new notebook and expands its series of numerous notebook solutions. The L2D offers maximum functionality and quality thanks to robust features in a compact all-in-one design. A Mobile Athlon 4 1500+ is used as the processor.

The SiS730S is used as the chipset, and that too comes with an integrated graphics solution and delivers the images on a 14-inch display. The L2D also has a built-in 8x DVD, 24x CD-ROM or 8x8x24x CD-RW drive, a floppy disk drive, an integrated modem/Ethernet. Wireless LAN according to 802.11b standard (optional) as well as GPRS and Bluetooth are also supported. There are also four quick start buttons and the Audio DJ function, which you can use to listen to audio CDs without booting up the notebook.

The L2D also offers two 1394 connections, an SPDIF output for digital sound and TV out. Some of these features are still in vain in the competition. The runtime of the lithium-ion battery is specified as approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. In the basic configuration, all models (L2400D) are equipped with 256MB RAM, an 8x DVD drive, a 20 GB hard drive and the aforementioned Mobile Athlon 4 processor. The Windows SE version of the notebook costs 1599 euros. For Windows 2000 or Windows XP as the operating system you have to put 1724 euros on the table.

Asus L2D from the left
Asus L2D from above
Asus L2D from right