Asus P4G8X Deluxe with E7205 in the test: Dual-Channel DDR-SDRAM for Pentium 4

Asus P4G8X Deluxe with E7205 in the test: Dual-Channel DDR-SDRAM for Pentium 4

Prices in comparison

In this section we would like to deal with the purchase prices of the respective mainboards. But we would also like to consider the prices for the respective RAM. With the E7205 in particular, it makes sense to continue to use the DDR266 memory that may still be from earlier times and thus avoid the acquisition costs for new memory.

For the sake of fairness, we try to equip all mainboards with comparable equipment select the price. The prices of the versions actually tested in the review may therefore differ.

Model Price P4T533 without RAM 210 euros P4T533 with 512MB RIMM4200 490 euros P4G8X Deluxe without RAM 230 euros P4G8X Deluxe with 512MB DDR266 440 euros without P4PE RAM 180 eurosP4PE with 512MB DDR333 360 Euro

Everyone has to decide for themselves how much they are willing to pay for which performance, but it still shows that the P4G8X without memory in relation to the other mainboards , is relatively expensive. As mentioned at the beginning, this is mainly due to the relatively expensive E7205, which was not actually intended for the desktop market. In our opinion, this acquisition only really makes sense if you already have the appropriate memory. Since, for example, hardly anyone has the right RIMM4200 for the P4T533, this amounts to almost 500 euros in any case and it would be pointless to discuss the individual price of the mainboard.

If you look at all prices together with the matching RAM, you quickly notice the graduation known from the benchmarks. The P4PE with 512MB DDR333 costs the least, but is also the slowest mainboard in the field. The P4G8X Deluxe can be found in both price and performance, which comes with two 256MB DDR266 modules in dual-channel operation for around 440 euros. For the best performance you still have to put the most on the table and, as already mentioned, the P4T533 with 512MB RIMM4200 costs almost 500 euros.


You could actually save yourself a final conclusion in this test. Basically everything has already been said about the board and the chipset. The performance of the E7205 and thus also of the P4G8X is exactly between the i845PE and i850E in dual-channel operation and helps the Pentium4 to achieve a bit more performance in combination with DDR-SDRAM. Thus, the E7205 currently represents the fastest DDR-SDRAM chipset for the Pentium4 from Intel, but unfortunately it can't get past the performance of an i850E with RAM bus. Whether wanted or unintentional. At theIn our opinion, it cannot be due to storage throughput, as has been partially speculated. Because despite a higher administrative effort, the E7205 comes up with the same results as an i850E board and even offers better latency times. In practice it is by no means behind a Rambus system in terms of pure streaming values.

Definitely desirable, if also not absolutely necessary, the support of DDR333 would have been, which would hardly have presented Intel with major difficulties. In one or the other test, this would certainly have allowed a few more frames. So let's wait and see what SiS is able to do with its SiS655. Perhaps the Rambus replacement will come soon?

The P4G8X can certainly not be blamed. Buyers definitely get a very good board with this board and the equipment in the deluxe version doesn't have to hide from any competitor. The biggest drawback, however, is the price, which is more impressive than amusing. Here some customers will certainly think twice whether they should use an E7205 board or whether they should invest in a Rambus system straight away.

From Serial ATA, via Gigabit LAN, Firewire, AGP8x, USB2.0 and 6-channel sound through to Asus' in-house features, the P4G8X Deluxe offers pretty much everything a customer could want. But it must be clear that you don't get this equipment for free. As always, we cannot make the decision for our readers, but we hope that we have made the choice a little easier for one or the other.

Asus P4G8X Deluxe
  • Dual-Channel DDR-SDRAM
  • OnBoard Gigabit LAN
  • Silicon Image S-ATA Raid Controller
  • Firewire Controller
  • Performance
  • AGP/PCI-Takt Fix
  • Documentation
  • AsusFeatures
  • Service
  • Price
  • 5 PCI slots
  • no DDR333 support
  • no bluetooth
  • limited overclocking

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