Asus P4G8X Deluxe with E7205 in the test: Dual-Channel DDR-SDRAM for Pentium 4

Asus P4G8X Deluxe with E7205 in the test: Dual-Channel DDR-SDRAM for Pentium 4


Also the features of the P4G8X knows how to convince. This is of course also due to the fact that we had the mainboard in the more expensive 'Deluxe' version. Gigabit Lan, Serial ATA, Firewire and AGP8x are just some of the features of the P4G8X Deluxe. However, the P4G8X does not rely on a Serial ATA controller from Promise, as we were able to see in the past on the P4S8X or P4PE from Asus, but on the Silicon Image Sil3112A controller. Unlike the Promise controller, this is a pure Serial ATA controller. With the Sil3112A, you can really only build a raid of Serial ATA hard drives. Mixed operation as with the Promise Serial ATA150 Raid Controller is not possible. Slowly but surely the first Serial ATA appearedHard disks on and a broad market launch is getting closer, so that a few months ago the relatively pointless feature of a Serial ATA controller is becoming more and more important.

Firewire - SATA

Also the one we already know Broadcom BCM5702 Gigabit LAN chip has found its place on the P4G8X Deluxe and gives the buyer a data transfer rate of up to 1000Mbps if the corresponding network should be at hand. Nonetheless, OnBoard LAN is one of the most popular features that makes it unnecessary to use the optional network card.

Gigabit LAN
SATA controller

Firewire should of course not be missing in the P4G8X Deluxe. But here, too, Asus is breaking new ground and is now installing the TSB43AB22 IEEE 1394 controller from Texas Instruments. Thanks to the included slot cover, it is easy to lead the internal Firewire connections to the outside and the new onesto be able to use purchased technology directly without additional acquisition costs.

Firewire module - 1
Firewire module - 2
IDE - Power - RAM
MCH cooler

At this point we don't want to talk again about the sense or nonsense of AGP8x leave out. The P4G8X has this standard because Intel has given it to the E7205. The current benefit for the customer is zero, but what you have, you have.

Overview - 2
Power - RAM - IDE
Socket - 2

OnBoard 6-channel sound is also allowed to a board of this (price ) Class and in this case Asus has commendably returned to the ALC650 codec from Realtek. Bad results, like the ones we recently had to accept on the P4PE with ADI's AD1980 codec, should not actually come about. But as always, we dedicate ourselves to this topic in the obligatory sound tests. The sound panel included with the P4G8X Deluxe has an S/PDIF input and output. You have to use optical connectionsHowever, do without here.

SPDIF module - 1
USB GamePort module - 1
SPDIF module - 2
USB GamePort Module - 2

The so-called 'BlueMagic PCI Slot' from Asus. The blue colored slot supports the WirelessPCI (WPCI) specifications and thus enables the operation of future expansion cards from Asus. Of course, the sixth 'BlueMagic PCI Slot' can also be used as a normal PCI slot with any conventional PCI card.

BlueMagic PCI Slot
Voltage regulators

The fact that the Asus typical board features are back in the game is no longer surprising. Asus Update, POST Reporter, MyLogo2, Multi-Language Bios, EZ Flash Bios, Q-Fan Technologie, CrashFree Bios and C.P.R. (CPU Parameter Recall) are among the already established features of a Pentium4 motherboard from Asus. If you want to find out more about these features, you should take a look at our last reviews about Asus boards. The new features are explained in the Review of the P4PE .

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