Asus P4B533-E and Intel D845GBV in the test: i845E against i845G, i850E and i845D

Asus P4B533-E and Intel D845GBV in the test: i845E against i845G, i850E and i845D


The P4B533-E can place itself in front of the P4B266-E with an overclocked i845D in all tests. The full performance of a new Pentium4 with 133MHz FSB can therefore only be fully exploited with a new generation chipset. Nevertheless, you don't necessarily have to switch to a new board if you buy a new generation Pentium4.

Overall, the P4B533-E does not quite come close to the performance of a Rambus board, despite the lack of a lot surprisingly, there is no large difference between the maximum memory and CPU transfer rate. During our test, we often asked ourselves what was wrong with the P4B533-E. And even now we have to say that we don't miss anything with Asus' newest board. Especially the new AGP/PCI clock function and the many slot brackets round off the otherwise very good board. From Raid, via USB 2.0 and Firewire, you get everything your heart desires except for Bluetooth. In the trade you will get for this boardbut probably also have to put down around 200 €, so that some customers may prefer to fall back on a cheaper variant or, if necessary, stick with their old board with i845D. The scope of delivery of the P4B533-E is again of the finest quality and the board shines with excellent stability and the well-known features of an Asus board. We can therefore express our unreserved recommendation to the P4B533-E.

We also liked the D845GBV with i845G and integrated graphics. The performance of the integrated graphics is completely sufficient for everyday office life and game-shy customers and thanks to the AGP slot on the circuit board, you can always update the system with a graphics card. In addition, some manufacturers deliver their i845G motherboards with AGP cards that lead a TV-out and video connection to the outside. We were a bit surprised by the very good performance of the D845GBV in conjunction with the GeForce3 Ti200. In this combination, it can often even perform better than the P4B533-E with i845E. In addition, many manufacturers want to offer their boards with i845G only slightly more expensive than a board with i845E. Some customers who want to wait a little longer before purchasing a new graphics card can take the i845G and upgrade it later with a new graphics card.

As always, the forum responsible.

Rating P4B533-E

Asus P4B533-E
  • Scope of delivery
  • Equipment
  • Documentation
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Service
  • OnBoard LAN
  • 6 PCI slots
  • Raid
  • USB 2.0 per ICH4
  • Firewire
  • AGP/PCI- Takt Fix
  • Asus EZ-Plug
  • Asus Update
  • Asus EZ-Flash
  • Price a bit high

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