Asus P4B266-E and P4S333 in the test: Intel 850 versus Intel 845 and SiS 645

Asus P4B266-E and P4S333 in the test: Intel 850 versus Intel 845 and SiS 645

SiSoft Sandra

As in our reviews for AMD Athlon mainboards, we would like SiSoft Sandra to take the first step here and take a closer look at the theoretical streaming performance. The result does not always have to reflect the later grading in the benchmarks, but especially with the Pentium4 you get a first indication of the very important memory performance.

SiSoft Sandra ALU

Not exactly a surprising, but rather an expected result. In the ALU rating, neither of the two DDR RAM boards went to the Rambus representative from Intelapproach. With DDR333 the P4S333 can stand out from the P4B266-E at least 300MB/s and with DDR266 it is still slightly ahead of the P4B266-E.

SiSoft Sandra FPU

The results are also confirmed in the FPU evaluation. The order is also unchanged here. It should be noted, however, that neither the Rambus board nor the P4S333 come close to their maximum possible values. It looks different with the P4B266-E. Not even 100MB/s are missing the maximum possible value.

WinACE 2.11

As a further test for the memory interface, we use WinACE version 2.11. The systems had to pack a mix of already packed and unpacked files, music tracks, documents and images with a total of 390 MB at maximum compression.

WinACE 2.11

WinACE shows then a slightly different result than SiSoft Sandra. Intel's Rambus board is still just in first place, but behind it the P4S333 and P4B266-E swap positions. It is also particularly interesting that the P4B266-E with 256MB DDR266 is seven seconds faster than with 512MB. Apparently, the i845's memory controller can handle one RAM module better than if it had to manage two. The P4S333 falls significantly behind by half a minute, especially with DDR266, and can only catch up with its own competitors in conjunction with DDR333.

Magix Music Maker

In Magix Music Maker 3.03 had to encode a 251MB wave file into an MP3 with 128kBit and high quality settings.

MagixMusic Maker 3.03

With the same memory size, the P4B266-E has to admit defeat to the MD850D from Intel. With 512MB RAM, the P4B266-E can then book the only top position and lands in front of the Rambus board for the first time. The P4S333 has to place itself behind the supposedly slower P4B266-E with DDR266 and DDR333.

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