Asus P4B266-E and P4S333 in the test: Intel 850 versus Intel 845 and SiS 645

Asus P4B266-E and P4S333 in the test: Intel 850 versus Intel 845 and SiS 645


When it comes to overclocking, Asus is sticking to its tried and tested technology with the P4S333 and enables overclocking via dip switches as well as via BIOS. But even with the P4S333, the dimming voltage cannot be selected in the BIOS, but only via jumper on the board, between 2.5, 2.7 and 2.9 volts.

The front side bus can be conveniently selected in the 'Jumper Free' mode in the BIOS in 1MHz steps from 100 to 166MHz. If you have an unlocked Pentium4, you also have the option of setting the multiplier between 8x and 24x with the P4S333. The special highlight of the P4S333 is of course the option to use both DDR266 and DDR333. That's whyyou can change the FSB/RAM clock ratio in the BIOS from 1: 1 to 3: 4 and for DDR333 to 3: 5.

We missed a function that is very important for overclocking the Pentium4, as with the P4B266 -E also with the P4S333. The PCI/AGP clock cannot be set to 33/66MHz, so that it is unfortunately also increased when the FSB is increased. Only at an FSB of 133MHz does the divider switch and deliver 33/66MHz PCI/AGP clock again.

This at least enables the new Pentium4 to operate at 133MHz (533 QDR) FSB by overclocking.

The core voltage can be increased in the BIOS from 1.5 to 1.7 volts in 0.025 volt intervals. In addition to the option in the BIOS, you also have the option of increasing the core voltage by 0.2 volts using a jumper on the board. With the Willamette you can also choose between 1.75 and 1.85 volts in 0.025 intervals.

FSB check:

The FSB also runs with the P4S333 100.9MHz. As with the P4B266-E 403.59MHz and with a multiplier of 20, as used by our Pentium4 2.0A, this results in a real clock of 2017.96Mhz.

Now that we have discussed the two mainboards in detail, we would of course also like to see how their different chipsets can hold their own in our benchmarks and therefore now move on to the practical part.

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