Asus officially presents the A7S333

Asus officially presents the A7S333

Just recently, SiS announced that it would initially only develop chipsets for the Pentium4 platform, when the A7S333, another board based on the SiS745, is coming onto the market. If the SiS735 was found almost exclusively on boards from the cheap manufacturer ECS Elitegroup, the circle of SiS745 supporters is growing steadily.

The A7S333 supports all current CPUs from AMD and DDR RAM of the PC2700 (DDR333) type . Three DIMM slots, one AGP-Pro, four PCI and one CNR slot are available as slots. The two Ultra-ATA100 channels must let the VIA KT333 with its ATA133 interface pull away. The board supports the hardware processor monitoring and shutdown C.O.P. . Versions with a C-Media sound chip and FireWire connections are optionally available.

Asus A7S333 mainboard