Asus is formally splitting into three companies

Asus is formally splitting into three companies

Asustek's general plans have long provided for the electronics group to be formally divided into three companies. This step has now evidently been accomplished. Nothing will change for the customers - but many employees are looking down the drain.

In addition to the core brand Asus Pegatron, which will continue to deal with complete systems, now also exists, which is primarily dedicated to the OEM, mainboard and manufacturing business. The round is rounded off by the third company called Unihan, which will be primarily active in the field of non-PC production.

While very little has changed for the customer, the group management has taken the split as a basis to set the previous pensions of his employees to zero with reference to the new structure. This means that every Asus employee with a pension entitlement, regardless of length of service, has been working since January 1st as if he had just been hired. All previously acquired pensions were paid out to all employees on January 1, 2008. Incidentally, one should not forget that very few Taiwanese companies offer pension plans at all.

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