Asus introduces 48x burners

Asus introduces 48x burners

Asus has introduced a new, lightning-fast CD recorder that writes to CD-Rs at 48x speed. The new Asus is also one of the fastest of its kind when it comes to writing CD-RWs with 16x speed. Many other drives can only rewrite 12x here. Strategy to reduce the recording time extremely. According to Asus, the pure recording time for a 650MB CD at the maximum speed of 48x is only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This corresponds to an average write speed of 29.6x; when writing a complete 700MB CD, 34.0x would be possible here. Of course, the new recorder has FlextraLink technology, which prevents buffer underruns. Writing from CD-MRWs is also supported.

The Asus CRW-4816A is now available in stores for 149 euros.

Asus CRW-4816A